Suvera 1.0

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What is Suvera 1.0 ?

At Suvera our mission is to build products that help people easily manage their health. Suvera 1.0 is a SUPER rough first version of our app that aims to help people easily manage their mediactions.

Our aim is to learn about your experience using the app, what we need to think about more, do better or change completely in order to improve your experience.

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We need you!
Why should you be involved?

If any of the following applies:
1. If you like the idea of testing a health app for the first time

2. If you take medications regularly and would like a nice app to help

3. If you are a kind soul and enjoy giving back useful feedback 💚

Waheey! We're glad you're interested
  • Please read our FAQs first 🤓keyboard_arrow_down

    How will this work?
    - You’ll then receive an email with a link to download the app and get started
    - We’ll message via email first to find out if everything is going ok
    - After a few days we’ll be in touch to ask how it's going and check on the improvements we could make

    How long will this test approximately last?
    3 weeks - Monday to Sunday

    What if I can’t do it anymore?
    Just let us know. We understand things over time get in the way. Feel free to delete the app whenever you want. Just drop us a note to say you have and we’ll be very grateful.

    Can I completely rely on your app?
    Unfortunately at this stage we can’t guarantee that our app will do everything perfectly. That’s partly why we are testing. So please do not completely rely on our app to remind you about your medications. Simply use the app as an additional aid rather that your primary aid (for the time being anyway).

    How will you be looking after my data?
    We guarantee full security and will not share this information with a third party and your data will be annonymised. All we intend to do with your information is learn over the next 3 weeks of testing how to improve the Suvera application. Once our 3 weeks of testing is complete we will delete all your information and you’ll be notified once that has been done.

    I want to help but I don’t want to be part of this test?
    That’s fine sign up for further updates via our website and we will be sure to let you know.